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From: An Evening With Groucho

The Winnipeg Free Press

The Edmonton Sun


From: Fiddler on the Roof

Daily Sun Review - by Jack Petro

Falmouth Playhouse Production - by John Black

Pocono Playhouse Production - by Sid Brennan 1996

Bucks County Playhouse - by Meryl Maschal 1996

Eddie's First Fiddler on the Roof review - 1970


From: It Had To Be You

Edmonton Journal - by Liz Nicholls April 9, 1995


From: Grease

The Providence Journal - by Jim Seavor 2002

The Green Bay News-Chronicle by Kristie Moss June 2000


From: The Goodbye Girl

On Stage Weekend Magazine - Post-Gazette - by Christopher Rawson - February 1998

Inter Urban from the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise by Shana Haines (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) - April 1998



Eddie's Nightclub Act

The Hollywood Reporter

Los Angeles Free Press

Pittsburgh Press

Letter from Best of Times Entertainment Travel Specialists

Letter from Monarch of the Seas

Imperial Palace

Arie Kaduri Enterprises, Inc.

Letter from Charles Rapp Enterprises





Curtain Call in the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise by Shana Haines (Bartlesville, Oklahoma) - April 1998 Article - February 4, 2002

Scranton Times - 1996

Pocono Record - September 8, 1995

USA Today - by Donna Gable July 22, 1992

Eddie Mekka Article - photos by Ron Eisenberg



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Letter from former San Francisco Mayor, Dianne Feinstein

Stage West Dinner Theatre, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada

Wachusett Theatre Company, Fitchburg, Massachusetts


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